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You’ve selected the right place if you’re looking for unique, unusual and interesting points of interest at or near some of the world’s best hotels. You can rely on this unique hotel attractions blog and directory for information and details about some of the most unusual and spectacular places on the planet.

Hotel attractions come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, they are special exhibits, items or architecture related to a hotel itself. Other times, unique hotel attractions aren’t actually located at a hotel but simply near enough that they can be considered in the same space.

Perhaps one of the strangest but most compelling types of points of interest are big fruits and big animal attractions.From the world’s largest pecan in a small Texas town to the many big things spread across Australia,Europe and even Asia,there are so many big fruits and big animals attractions that you can never fit them all into one lifetime. For many of the locations where these things are found, they are the primary tourism draw for the area. And there’s no place better for a selfie or two than in front of one of these eye-catching items.

Hotel attractions also come in many other types, shapes and sizes. In some cities, you may find lush botanical gardens or indoor landscapes developed exclusively to promote a hotel or to give tourists not staying at a property a reason to come to it. There are hotels developed around playgrounds or water parks for the kids. There are even Lego hotels created around the idea that people will travel for miles to interact with an environment filled with these tiny plastic building blocks.

You’ll find hotel attractions in America’s largest cities and on quiet roadsides. There are hundreds – if not thousands – in the world. The overall numbers are staggering, when you think about it. Why not set out to see as many as you can?


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